iMac Repairs

Let’s Fix Your iMac

Each day, end-consumers and organizations alike rely on their MacBooks to operate powerful creativity and productivity tools, run their businesses and improve the quality of their digital experience. You could own a MacBook for personal or professional use – Apple’s hardware and software come together to ensure that you receive a user experience like no other personal computing device can offer you.

We understand how disruptive a damaged, under-performing or malfunctioning MacBook can be especially after you’ve experienced the device’s smooth and seamless functioning capabilities.


  • iMac LCD / LED replacement
  • iMac hard disk drive repair and replacement
  • iMac motherboard repair and replacement
  • iMac RAM addition, repair and replacement
  • Mac OSX support
  • iMac keyboard repair and replacement

Devices Supported

  • iMac 20″
  • iMac 21.5″
  • iMac 24″
  • iMac 27″
  • Power Mac

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